Hello, my name is Dan. I'm a kinda nerd, as the same goes for my friend. I'm really awkward when it comes to typing shit, so let's get this started.

I love horror, even though I'm not allowed to watch it I still love it.

My best, best, best, friend is Sasori-chan and I love her very much. She's the awesomest person I know. I'd be depressed as fuck if I wouldn't have known her.

As said, I'm social awkward so this will be cringy. You may have cringe attacks. c:

So.. As said, my fandoms are Anime, Creppypasta, Homestuck, Harry Potter, Merlin etc.

My favorite animes are Naruto, Black Butler, Soul Eater, Attack on Titan, Another, Tokyo Ghoul, Death Note etc.

My OTP is Naruto x Sasuke or Levi x Eren.

I'm just gonna insert random pictures and quotes now.

The world runs on power. Everything is determined by the superior power. You are weak. That is why you lose.

Snow gas masks masks digital art artwork romantically apocalyptic vitaly s alexius 1920x1200 wall 74

Ding Dong

I know you can hear me

Open up the door

I only want to play a little

Dark dreams len by blueberrygo1-d6sjsv4

Ding Dong

You can't keep me waiting

It's already too late

For you to try and run away

I see you through the window

Our eyes are locked together

I can sense your horror

Though I'd like to see it closer

I witness your face amongst the darkest clouds, I yearn to touch your beauty, yet the smoke through my fingers is all I can caress...nothing but distant memories has turned all to ashes and dust..